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Stockton & Easton | Brewster, WA

If I only blog one wedding this summer, this will probably be it! There were so many photo opps at this venue, which happened to be the groom's family home. I have known Stockton my entire life, and yet, there was so much about Stock that I didn't know until they asked me to be their wedding photographer. Stockton is a legit cowboy with a HUGE heart. He comes across super quiet and reserved but is actually hilarious. My favorite part about this wedding, besides how beautiful it was, was that Stockton had groomsmen raging in age from 17 to probably pushing 80. Seriously SO cute and so unique. he has special bonds with a variety of people and he broke all norms when it came to carefully choosing who would stand with him as he got married.

Easton was absolutely stunning! Just look at the pics, and be in awe of her beauty. Easton is quiet and sweet and just so so talented. The two of them, with their families, worked so hard on putting together an unforgettable wedding, on an unforgettable property. Yay, Taylors!

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