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Rene + Isaac // Spokane, WA

Rene and Isaac got married in August, and I am playing a bit of catch up on my blogging! I am so excited to share this wedding for so many reasons- I mean, can you even look at Rene in these pictures and not smile?! Isaac just glowed around her all day. These two just make each other light up, and it is so incredible to witness.

Rene and Isaac met through my sister, Whitney. Rene and Whit had met at Whitworth and Isaac was our friend from high school. Whit did a little matchmaking, and these two ended up married! Go Whit! It was super fun that my sister was a bridesmaid in the wedding and tons of guests were old high school friends. I really enjoyed this wedding with so many friends around!

When scrolling through these pictures, please notice that Isaac brought Rene a bouquet of flowers to their first look. UM ROMANTIC! Seriously, Isaac was the sweetest groom. Love you both!

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