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Jesse & Kelsey | Lake Osoyoos

Jesse and Kelsey were my very last wedding of the season, and I am SO glad it was their wedding that was my last. I had really started to feel burned out towards the end of the summer, because well, wedding season is exhausting and I was pregnant, so it's a super exhausting combo! Kelsey was so sensitive to my needs, because she is not only just that care-taking type, but she is also pregnant herself, so it made us have this awesome connection during her wedding day!

I have known Kelsey my entire life and was absolutely honored she asked me to be her wedding photographer. We got into A LOT of trouble together growing up haha.. So many good memories with her and her sister though! Because we are family friends, there were so many other friends and family members present, that it made the wedding so fun and so much less like work! My mom and sisters also helped cater, so I had a ride there and back, which was a HUGE bonus to be home in the same day and not have to drive exhausted!

Kels made a beautiful bride and it was so special incorporating that sweet baby bump into her portraits! Oh btw, Jesse is pretty cool too ;). He looked like such a stud!

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