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Yaw & Tami // The Hall at Fauntleroy

Everything about Tami and Yaw's wedding day was vibrant, colorful, and joyful! If you don't feel that through these images, then I suck at photography and you have no soul. Jkjkjk... but seriously...Tami just freaking GLOWS. There weren't many images where she just didn't have this complete joy on her face, which is why I probably blogged too many, because I couldn't choose!

There were a lot of unique parts to this day-- like the tropical/African theme to incorporate Yaw's heritage, Tami and Yaw's unbelievably, sexy salsa dancing (it was their first dance, and I could barely stop watching to take a picture). Tami and her dad also did a totally awesome dance routine for their first dance, and everything else was just perfect in every way. I am so happy these two are married!

Photographer: Hillary Belton Photography

Venue: The Hall at Fauntleroy

Catering: Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes Catering

Wedding Dress: Lainee Meg Bridal Shop

Bridesmaids Dresses: David's Bridal

Coordinating and Signs: Beth Carrillo/ Painted Pallet Designs

Florist: Ballard Blossom

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