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Dom + Sam // Rein Fire Ranch, Ravensdale, WA

Dom and Sam are so insanely blessed to have so much joy in their lives! This joy, that radiates off of them, is completely contagious and comes from such a genuine place inside of them. They inspire everyone around them and are just wonderful people to be around. Their wedding day had so many fun and non-traditional aspects to it. It didn't just feel like their day, but everyone's day. I SO enjoyed being apart of their wedding. If you don't feel the love and joy from these images, you probably don't have a heart (jk jk). Family feud, a scavenger hunt, dance offs, a hilarious first look, crowd surfing as their grand exit... these are just a few of the things that made this day one I will never forget. Thank you Dom and Sam for choosing me to capture all of the incredible moments!

(Their last name is Sickich btw)

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