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Greg + Alicia // July 1, 2017

Greg and Alicia's wedding was so sweet and simple. Alicia made it clear beforehand, that she didn't care about me capturing the details or being there to capture her getting ready, but that the most important part was taking pictures of her and Greg, especially at golden hour! Greg and Alicia scoped out totally awesome locations for each part of their wedding day, and I couldn't have been more lucky to be their photographer. They kept things light hearted, and really just took each other in during portraits. DREAM! I was given a lot of different settings during the day with all kinds of different color casts. lighting situations, and backgrounds. Sometimes I get timid to shoot in harsh sunlight, but Alicia and Greg had chosen a really sweet spot in town where we used to jump off the cliffs into the river, so I was totally up for the first look in some harsh sunlight if that was where they wanted to be! We took a ranger up there with Greg blindfolded, Alicia on his lap, and me driving (HOLLA).

Some favorite parts of my day included the golden hour in the hills, watching the flower girl lose all her flowers and seeing the ring bearers back track to help her retrieve her goods (look for the collage, it's stinking adorable), and having the wedding be close to home (with friends around) so I got to feel more like a guest than a paid service! Thank you Greg and Alicia for choosing me to capture your day!

Venue: The Isenhart's

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