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Isaac + Rene // Engaged Spokane, WA

Rene might be the most photogenic person I have ever photographed. You'll see it! Her exuberant personality is contagious and there isn't a person who can't smile around her. Isaac and Rene met when Rene was attending Whitworth. It's really fun, because Rene is one of my sister's best friends (she set them up!), and I went to high school with Isaac! I love connections, and I love it when I know both sides of the (future) bridal party. My sister is going to be a bridesmaid, which makes me that much more excited for their wedding day!

When Rene and I discussed their engagement shoot, she REALLY expressed her love for the property Isaac recently bought for their future home as husband and wife. If you know Isaac, he is a freaking rock star house flipper and knows his way around a fixer upper. Their new property has a cute fixer upper farm home on 15 acres of GORGEOUS land. Isaac proposed in the red barn you will see in the background of most the photos, and all of this made everything just so much more intimate and special for their engagement session. We had expected rain that day, and Rene and I prayed HARD for the rain to stop. So we had clouds, which would have been totally fine, but I felt like God could definitely give us sunshine, and he did! It was such a perfect day, with the perfect land, couple, and golden hour. Thank you Jesus for the miracle sunshine and for opportunities like this!

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