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Shelby + Trent // Winthrop, WA

My favorite part about this day was how funny Trent was. Trent is so quiet and really doesn't like being in front of the camera, but anytime he was confused on how to act or look, I would tell him to just look at Shelby, and it WORKED! That's why I love these two so much, they really do compliment one another. Trent had never seen the cake cutting at a wedding before, so he was completely unaware by the fact that he was supposed to feed Shelby his piece, but instead he cut himself a big ole' slice and tossed it right into his own mouth. Shelby was in shock and it had us all laughing hysterically. This fall country wedding was beautiful and one of my favorites to date. PS- Shelby is the sweetest and most beautiful bride.

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