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Alexis + CJ // Brewster, WA

Alexis and CJ were absolutely adorable during their engagement shoot. They started out a little timid and eventually grew more and more comfortable with me and my camera. Engagement shoots are so intimate and I am usually somewhat of a stranger to my clients at this point, so it makes sense why most couples stand there thinking "uuuhhh what do we do?" And I totally know the feeling, because I feel the same way when I am put in front of a camera now...There was this one point in the orchard where we all just clicked, and then the magic happened and all of their romance started coming alive and then my creative juices started flowing.... Ah, so much magic!

This shoot was super special to Alexis because she was able to take CJ to her grandfather's old property that she played on as a child. It just happened to be in Brewster, which was super sweet! Local shoots-yes! I love that there were so many special things involved in these pictures. Meshing old and new memories-so much goodness!

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