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AnnAlise + Her Best Gals

AnnAlise has been one of my closest friends since we decided to dance the night away at a lawn dance that our University put on in 2010. Our friendship was pretty much solidified when we went to Greenbluff for all the fun fall festivities and shared our love for pumpkin everything, which included eating our weight in pumpkin donuts, DUH! It was such an exciting time to be a part of her marriage to Mike, and witness such a beautiful (and new) side of Ann. She's gorgeous, as you can see. And was so calm and collected during her special day! So ready to walk towards the love of her life! It was an extraordinary day for the two of them and I am blessed to be a part of that.

It was also special to bring my camera along during the getting-ready process, and being able to get a feel for my time as a wedding photographer (which is in just a few weeks! yay!). These girls are incredible woman. I was lucky to know all of them beforehand and go to school with most. I felt like we were all each other's cheerleaders as we got our hair and makeup done. There were a lot of "OH MY GOODNESS THAT LOOKS SO GOOD!" I think we all do really well at making one another feel like their best, beautiful self. Love you girls, it was an awesome few days with you!

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